The shortest path to a Mesosphere cluster

Mesosphere brings fault tolerance and scalability to every web application but requires manual setup and configuration. Mesosphere for Google Compute Platform offers the scalability of Mesosphere and the performance of Google's infrastructure in only a few steps, making it easy to launch highly-available clusters in minutes.

Easy to Launch

Launch a production-ready Mesos cluster in just a few steps.

Everything You Need

Built on Apache Mesos which includes everything you need.

No Extra Costs

You pay for the Google Compute Engine, the rest is free!

Scalability and fault tolerance in minutes

Choose a cluster configuration

Whether you are just starting your project or looking to go into full-scale production, we’ve got you covered.

Development Cluster

A starter configuration perfect for trying Mesosphere. Recommended for prototyping and testing.

  • 4 Instances
  • 8 vCPUs
  • 30 GB memory
  • 1 Mesos master
  • 1 Marathon instance
  • 1 ZooKeeper instance
  • 3 Mesos slave instances

High-Availability Cluster

A highly available cluster configuration.
Recommended for load testing and production use.

  • 12 Instances
  • 24 vCPUs
  • 90 GB memory
  • 3 Mesos masters
  • 3 Marathon instances
  • 3 ZooKeeper instances
  • 9 Mesos slave instances

Connect with your Google Account

You'll need a Google Cloud Platform account with an active project that has billing enabled.

Launch your cluster!

Scale up your app on a Mesosphere cluster. Provisioning only takes a few minutes!

"Getting Mesos up and running has never been easier. Leave the setup to Mesosphere and be running at scale a whole lot faster."

Benjamin Hindman, Chair, Apache Mesos